So often, horse riders pour tons of time and money into their horse’s health and training. It’s great to care so much about horses, but it’s important to not neglect your own health. Remember, the best version of yourself needs proper rest, food, and exercise.

Try some of these ideas if you need to recharge an exhausted body and mind.

1) Healthy diet: Take time to establish a proper diet. Your body will crash if you only consume junk food! It’s a great idea to eat small meals frequently throughout the day. Always make sure to have a healthy snack for at the barn. My favorite is an apple, trail mix, or protein bar.

2) Exercise: It may seem like you get enough of that at the barn, but many core muscle groups can benefit from additional exercise. You can work on strengthening your stomach and leg muscles to become a better rider. Yoga and stretching can loosen up tense and overworked areas. Additionally, jogging can improve your endurance.

3) Learn to say ‘no’: It’s so easy to become overwhelmed by a busy schedule. If you have enough on your plate, don’t take on even more. Don’t be afraid to turn your phone off and take some personal time.

4) Make goals: What better way to start a new year, month, or week than with some obtainable goals. Write them down and you’ll have better luck at sticking to them.

5) Have fun: Don’t get so wrapped up in life that you forget to live! As cliche as it may sound, remember to enjoy each and every moment. Pick up a new hobby or try a new discipline. Push yourself to have a little more fun.

Don’t be afraid…you got this! Put your health and wellness first.