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After much anticipation, Stephanie Quayle‘s new album On The Edge has finally been released! In what is considered to be her most personal album yet, Stephanie shared:

I never thought I’d share this chapter of my life. There was part of me that thought I would take it to the grave.

There was a time in my life I refer to as “the lost years”, a time of excruciating grief and betrayal and ultimately, redemption. A time when I wasn’t sure I could get to the other side.

“On The Edge” is my story. A story I’ve kept in the dark for 13 years but now feel the freedom to share. This is the most vulnerable I have ever been. But it’s time to share and let the healing begin.”

Listen to the album HERE

It takes so much strength to be able to be so vulnerable an open. These songs will resonate with many people for many years to come. Congratulations, Stephanie! We are in love with the album and are so proud of you for sharing your journey.