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Rock & Roll Cowgirl is always ahead of the game. This time around, they’ve worked with western influencer Shaley Ham (a.k.a. West Desperado) on a three-piece collection called West Desperado X Rock & Roll Cowgirl.

Of course, we had to ask Shaley and Rock & Roll about the collab.

COWGIRL: How and when did this collaboration come to be?

Shaley Ham: Discussion for this line started in February. There were a few emails, phone meetings with designers, and final product selection, then the pandemic hit, which drastically delayed our launch. However, the Rock & Roll Denim team and I have been slowly keeping things moving in order to create the best denim launch we could.

CG: Rock & Roll, why did you want to collaborate with Shaley?

Rock & Roll Denim: For us at Rock & Roll Denim, a social collaboration on this collection with West Desperado was a no-brainer. Shaley has curated a gallery of incredible western culture imagery that resonates with who we are as a brand. We could not be more proud to partner up with such an influential fashion force in our industry.

CG: Shaley, what part did you have in design and promotion of the collab?

SH: I had a phone meeting with the RRD design team in February, giving them more insight to myself and my style. Next I provided them with a vision board, which included photos from my page, photos that inspired me, and specifically denim styles that I was loving at the moment. From there, the design team worked their magic to mock up 4-5 denim styles for me to choose from and narrow down to the final 3 pieces for the collection.

CG: Shaley, what do you think of the Rock & Roll brand?

SH: Rock & Roll Denim has been my go-to for fashion and horseback riding jeans for the past four years. They offer such a wide range of sizing, as well as the largest selection of inseam lengths, on the denim market. I never worry about if a certain style will actually fit me when I order it, because their denim has such a consistent fit across all styles, which is hard to come by in women’s denim today.

CG: Describe the pieces in the collaboration. What do you think of the final product?

SH: The final three pieces are all very unique from each other, and really provide an option for every type of cowgirl, from fashion-forward to arena-ready. First, we have a blue jean that includes a high-rise waist, front leg seam and raw hem on the bootcut leg. These are great for riding, but also have enough fun details to be dressed up for a night out.

Second are a pair of grey bib-overalls with a flare leg. These are RRD extra stretch denim, so they are super comfortable to wear. The overall is slimmer fit, so it makes them very flattering without feeling like there is a bunch of excess fabric around your torso.

Third and final are maroon and white striped bell bottom style flares. These feature a high-rise waist and a faux raw hem. I love that we were able to offer a variety of colors with all of these. In typical RRD fashion, there will be a wide selection of sizes and inseams for each pair.

CG: Shaley, do you have a favorite piece from the collab?

SH: It’s hard to choose just one favorite, since each pair is so different from the other, but if I had to pick, I would say the maroon and white striped flares are going to get dressed up the most in the coming seasons.

CG: Where will the collaboration be available for purchase?

SH: All three pairs of jeans will be exclusively available at on Friday, September 18, 2020.

CG: Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

SH: I’d love to offer CM readers a discount code to purchase them, and this code can be used on any Rock & Roll Denim, not just my collab: WD20

You heard it here first: Shaley’s got a discount code! West Desperado X Rock & Roll Cowgirl is officially live and Shaley’s discount can be applied at checkout.

Shop the full West Desperado X Rock & Roll Cowgirl collection here.