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Western Athleisure For Cowgirls That Like To Work Out

Ranch Dress'n got it right with this one!

January 03, 2019

Right photo courtesy of @seasonssharpphoto via @the.western.revival.

Western athleisure (unfortunately) hasn’t been a thing…until now! Fallon Taylor and Ranch Dress’n got it right with this line.

From serape and sunflowers, to even more serape and aztec, Fallon has just about any print a girl could want! All of the styles come in workout leggings and a matching sports bra.

Now, if only a western company would come out with a line of tennis shoes to go with these awesome workout ensembles…oh wait! Ariat has already done that! Click here to view tons of tennis shoes from Ariat’s athletic line!

Shop Fallon Taylor’s line of western athleisure here!

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