If you’re a working woman in the western industry, you’re business life is about to get much more exciting! These western briefcases are gorgeous, well-made, constructed of quality materials, and look highly professional.

My mother gifted me with a chocolate American West bag, pictured above, when I graduated college. I must say, I felt like an absolute rock star walking into my job interviews after college with my beautiful, leather briefcase full of laminated resumes; that’s a feeling everyone deserves!

Browse through this slideshow to see some one of a kind briefcases; you’ll want them all!


Also by American West, this is a slightly different version from the briefcase seen in the first image. One of the highlights of this bag is the lacing running up the front that shows the meticulous attention to detail that goes into making these products.



I’m loving this honey colored bag with an antique finish by Double J Saddlery; floral tooling is my weakness!



Also by Double J Saddlery, this more masculine case is perfect for the guy in your life that needs a little assistance at keeping everything in one place. Organization is always the answer!