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Celebs killing the costume game is not new, but every year brings new fabulous Halloween looks that inspire and amaze. Here are some of our favorite Western celebrity costumes of 2019.

Clare Dunn as Stevie Nicks

Little Big Town as Sugar Skulls

Shaley Ham as a Fortune Teller

The Akins Family as the Wizard of Oz Cast

Lauren Alaina and Hardy as Daenerys and Robb Stark

Jon Pardi as Elvis

Jon Pardi’s Dogs as Beanie Babies

Luke and Lina Bryan as Ostriches

The Murray’s as the cast of Star Wars

Kelsea Ballerini as a Bunch of Grapes

Ashland Craft, Faren Rachels, and Kasey Tyndall as the Dixie Chicks

Tyler and Hayley Hubbard and family as the cast of Frozen

Jason and Brittany Aldean and family as the cast of Game of Thrones