We sure love our horses here at Cowgirl, but we also have a huge space in our heart for the dogs in our life–our fur babies. Because our dogs are just as much of a best friend as our horses, it’s important that they reflect a little of ourselves. These western dog accessories below will make you yelp with joy. And they’ll be sure to make your bff’s tail wag, too!

A Dog Named Sue Collar

Talk about the cutest dog collar we ever did see, this collar is sure to bring out the western side of your canine friend. Available at Cowboy Cool Canine, $65.

Horseshoe Dog Bandana

This dog bandana will have your pup ready to ride–or watch you ride–on the ranch! Your fur baby will have some cute western style going on. Who doesn’t love a good dog bandana? Available at PupRwear, $13.

Dog Hair Bow Barette

Watch out, the sheriff is in town. This cute hair bow is for the western dog with lots of personality. Your dog will wear this with pride and be sure to keep watch around your humble abode. Available at PupRwear, $8.