Cowgirl - Western Dressage

Cowgirl - Western DressageDressage has always been an all-inclusive discipline. Naturally, western dressage is being well received among English and Western riders. It’s all about developing a well-rounded horse, no matter the age, breed, or temperament. However, it’s not just putting a western saddle on a dressage horse and having a go at it. Balance, relaxation, rhythm, and acceptance is good for all, even your stock horse.

The discipline allows for the steady progression of your horse, while building a solid relationship among you and your teammate. The same classical dressage principles are utilized along the way.

The Western Dressage Association of America hosts shows and events throughout the United States. Current tests, rules, and regulations can also be found through the club. Every horse and rider has something to learn from western dressage, give it a try!

Picture courtesy of Arabian Horse World.