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Earth Day is April 22nd. It might look a little different this year, but there’s still plenty you can do for the environment while staying at home!

Spend time outside

Appreciate the Earth for Earth Day! Grab a blanket and sit in your yard, hit some golf balls, feed your animals… anything you can do (safely) out in nature.

Go for a ride

Okay, this also counts as spending time outside, but riding is essential enough to get its own category. If you have access to your horse, get out in nature!

Donate to an environmental charity

Use your time at home to give back! Here are just some environmental charities you might be interested in:

Union of Concerned Scientists

Natural Resources Defense Council

Environmental Working Group

Greenpeace Fund

Friends of the Earth

Rainforest Alliance


Ocean Conservancy

Earth Island Institute

The Sierra Club Foundation

Reduce, reuse, recycle with some fun DIYs

The COWGIRL‘s DIY: Rope Wreath.

DIY-ing can be great for the environment if you’re repurposing one thing for something else! Try these DIYs on for size.

Go zero-waste for a day

It’s harder than it looks! The goal of zero-waste living is to send nothing to a landfill, so plastic wrappers and bottles in the trash? Nope. Biodegradable and compostable materials? Yep!

Give it a try! The Earth will thank you.

Try your hand at nature photography

Photography is an amazing way to capture nature. Whether you have a Canon or an iPhone, head outside and give photography a try. You might end up with some awesome shots!

Watch an Earth-based documentary

If you’d rather stay inside, hop on Netflix and appreciate the Earth’s beauty digitally! Documentaries also help you see different ecosystems that you might not have in your backyard.

Planet Earth is always a good choice, but there are plenty of others, like Our Planet, Night on Earth, Mission Blue, and Chasing Coral.

Plant some seeds

What better time to plant than on Earth Day? Order some seeds (or find those ones you left in your junk drawer) and add some life to your yard or your living room.

Draw/paint a landscape

Bring the Earth inside with a piece of art. You can paint your yard, your own version of another artist’s work, or just use your imagination.

Try a new, natural recipe

Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or omnivore, there’s always room for a new recipe in your repertoire. Try a recipe with only natural ingredients and see how it comes out.

Repot a plant

You know that plant you’ve been meaning to give a new home? Might as well do it on Earth Day! Find a new pot for your favorite little green buddy.