The best thing about fall is spending the night around a cozy campfire. Sometimes a backyard fire pit will just have to do the job. Check out these western fire pits, they would make a perfect addition to any backyard.

Above, horseshoes decorate the top of this fire pit and make it an easy place for putting foil packets or or other food you might want to cook.

Photo source unknown.

Checkout this elevated horseshoe fire pit, it appears to homemade and is the perfect way to use up extra horseshoes.

Photo source unknown.

This detailed fire pit features horses and pine trees, it’s portable and ready to go to the beach or your neighbor’s house.

Available for purchase from Copper Tree Design >

It’s a fire pit and a stunning work of art, this round fire pit will make a statement in your yard.

Available for purchase from the Fire Pit Gallery >

The Big Sky fire pit is one of the most affordable options here (other then making one yourself). It’s modern with just a touch of western.

Available for purchase from Sam’s Club >