Photo by Karissa Gardner.……

With winter coming up, and extended time in our homes arising; there’s no time like the present to revamp a few of our rooms in our house. Here are a few tips, and tricks to get the edgy Western vibes that everyone is trying to achieve in their ranch house.

Give some depth to your room by adding wallpaper to an off-side wall. This wallpaper was created by Allie Falcon. If wallpaper isn’t for you, try painting a wall a fun color. Lately dark walls like charcoal, navy, and black have been in style!

Whether it’s the master bedroom or a guest room, add a cozy feel to it by using a Pendleton bed throw and matching pillows. This bed spread always makes the room look rustic and avant-garde. Match the blanket and pillows to the wall color or furniture in order to drag the color scheme through the entire room.

Pillows, pillows, pillows! Add decorative pillows all over the place, from couches to bedrooms. Mix and match sizes and stay within a room color scheme in order to create comfort and a fun look. Another option is graphic pillows, they can add a lot to a room with color and imagery.

It wouldn’t be a farm house without a cowhide rug (or 10). You can throw one on a hardwood floor or on top of a bed. Maybe you want to do something different, and hang one on the wall. You can even look for hides with brands on them, or go the extra mile and brand your rug with your family brand.

Use some old barn wood as trim. You can use old barn wood as floor trim or just to break up a wall a bit. Old barn would can also be used for shelving for trophies and buckles. It give the room a raw and natural look while pulling the barn inside the house in a classy way.

Hang your hats on a wall! Most of us upgrade our hat collection every few years. With that being said, hang your hats on a wall to decorate your walls and keep your memorable hats still around. Add a few family photos or performance horse images in between to get a collection of memories going with said hats.

Give your house a soft look by using lamps instead of over head lighting! This gives a room a cozy soft feeling instead of a intense overhead light. Lamps can be dressed up with exciting lampshades and different styles in lamp stems. You can find some cool lamps and lamp shades at stores like, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and The Home Depot. Also keep in mind that large mirrors make a room feel larger. Stand alone mirrors are great for outfit checks, and make the room have a certain look. You can purchase large mirrors at any of the above stores as well.

Living rooms and blankets go together like PB+J. Store your blankets in a fun way by getting a ladder and hanging them on it. This gives your room texture and color in a fun way. It also helps with organization and over all neatness in the living area.

Add some brands to your home, you can put the brands on tiles like what’s pictured above. Or if you have a hardwood table you can brand the table! Invite your family to bring their brands this Thanksgiving or Christmas and have them join in on the table! This is a fun way to have your family around all the time and in your home.