Mine House Collection

Mine House Collection – Jerome, Arizona – Minehousecollection.com – 928.649.1711.

Interior designers and in-the-know cowgirls come from all over Arizona to shop in the Southwestern home furnishings boutique Mine House Collection.

Perched on a hillside in the ghost town (and tourist mecca) of Jerome, Arizona, the Mine House stocks a huge selection of Escalante rugs, Western Heritage Furniture and an ever changing selection of unique artwork, accessories and artifacts.

Shopping at the Mine House is like treasure hunting amid the spirits of the Wild West! Styles range from native to New West to contemporary.

The hand-made Zapotec rugs (and pillow covers, placemats and other product) are sourced directly from the indigenous people of Oaxaca, Mexico and the artisan furniture, crafted from reclaimed wood, is both high-quality and high-style.

What we love about Mine House is while the products are world-class, the price-points make it possible for cowgirls on every budget to bring home a brand new piece of history!

Steel Strike Furniture – Buena Vista, Colorado – Steelstrike.com – 719.395.8802.

Since 1989 Steel Strike has been making heirloom furniture that strikes a sophisticated balance somewhere between rugged western and European mountain lodge.

All Steel Strike furnishings are conversation starters, and for many western loving designers and individuals, they are also the statement pieces around which a whole room or residence is designed! Phillip Smith, founder ensures every piece is carefully designed, skillfully assembled and masterfully finished.

Get inspired by the gorgeous displays at the Steel Strike Showroom in Buena Vista, Colorado.

Slick Rock Designs – Slickrockdesigns.com – 325.625.1234.

American-made furniture and accessories in the style and spirit of the American West is the specialty of Slick Rock Designs.

You’ll find Slick Rock Designs extensive collection at major western shows like the National Finals Rodeo, the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo in Denver and the Quarter Horse Congress in Ohio, to name just a few. Or bring your own ideas and they’ll custom make a project just for you from the finest leathers, hair-on cowhides, antlers, horns and handmade textiles! Shop Slick Rock products online at slickrock.com.

Call 325-625-1234 or email slickrockdesigns@gmail.com for an appointment to visit the showroom or warehouse.

Crow’s Nest Trading Co.

Crow’s Nest Trading Co. – Crowsnesttrading.com – 800.900.8558.

The premier catalog of all things western has evolved to include a comprehensive online shopping experience and one of the most complete rustic furnishing and home accessories collections in one location.

Well-known as a resource for the best western fashion designs and jewelry, they also carry a curated offering of high-end western bedding, unique home décor and quality furnishings. COWGIRL editors have been Crow’s Nest Trading Co. fans for years and always look forward to getting the catalog in the mail.

From rustic lodge and cabin styles to colorful southwestern-inspired creations, to outdoor furniture, Crow’s Nest is synonymous with western style.

The Great Warrior Horse Wall Sculpture.

Pendleton Home Store

Pendleton Home Store – Portland, Oregon – Pendletonhomestore.blogspot.com – 800.248.8144.

In the trendy Pearl district of Portland, Oregon, the Pendleton Home Store offers a spectacular array of the company’s signature Native American blankets, plus a designer-selected collection of western fashion, artisan jewelry and stylish home accessories.

In addition to the classic woolen blankets in both vivid and pastel hues, Pendleton makes thick, luxurious bath and beach towels, and even dishes and tableware in their distinctive patterns.

Once you’ve selected your Pendleton product, plan to spend some time browsing their irresistible home accessories and personal gifts—all representing the “Pendleton lifestyle.” Artisan pillows with oversized hawk feather or antler imagery, elegant candles and silverware, turquoise and silver jewelry and hair on-hide handbags are just some of the high-style, locally sourced items available.

By perfectly weaving time-honored traditions into stylish products at home in both rustic and contemporary interiors, Pendleton continues to be one of the West’s most recognizable and sought-after brands.

(Originally published in the July/August 2012 issue of Cowgirl Magazine).