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Whatever your thoughts about masks are, you must say, they’re getting fashionable. Due to the current pandemic, masks are everywhere, and some ladies are getting sick of that standard white and pastel blue and coming out with Western masks.

Boutiques and makers across the industry are taking masks to the next level. Southern Fried Chics has almost too many patterns to count!

Stylish Western masks are starting to pop up; serape, cacti, Aztec prints, and more are all available in mask form. If you’re in search of a non-traditional mask, there are plenty out there designed with cowgirls in mind.

Rod’s is getting in on the Western masks action, too. They’ve got a spruced-up black, taco print, llamas, pink, and even tie dye.


Not snazzy enough for you? Turquoise & Tequila designed some that are sure to get attention!

If you’re sick of the blue and white, no worries; Western masks are a thing, and they’re showing up more and more in the industry.

COVID-19 has affected a lot this year, but you don’t have to let it affect your personal style. Get a mask you enjoy wearing!