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Nail art is gorgeous enough as it is, but have you ever seen Western nail art?

These artists use some of cowgirls’ favorite things to create works of art on their clients’ hands. Turquoise, horseshoes, cacti, Aztec prints, and more all serve as inspiration for Western nail art.


These cowgirls are wearing their favorite stone…on their nails! Their nail artists mimicked the appearance of turquoise and even painted some jewelry.


One of a cowgirl’s favorite prints! These manicures use Aztec prints as accent nails.


The home decor sensation is covering cowgirl nails everywhere, from accent nails to full skull manicures.


You’re kidding yourself if you thought a Western manicure post would exist without mentioning cacti.

Tooled Leather

Okay…how stylin’ is this Western manicure? The accent nail is modeled after tooled leather.

Now that you have some Western nail art inspo, finish decking out your digits with these rings.