PC: Susie Blackmon

Off the track thoroughbreds (OTTB) frequently start new careers once their racing days are over. The majority of them compete in jumping and eventing; however, these athletic horses are beginning to appear in the western world too. Gone are the days where everyone owns a Quarter Horse. Thoroughbreds are successfully competing in a range of western disciplines.

OTTB Western promotes off-track thoroughbreds in the western world. They offer training tips and weekly features to get people excited for these amazing horses.

With time and patience, the OTTB can be retrained to run barrels. They can be just as versatile as the Quarter Horse.

Thoroughbreds have a heart of gold and are known for their determination and strong work ethic.

The best way to show the talent of these former racehorses in western disciplines is to complete and spread the word. You might surprise quite a few people.

Each off the track thoroughbred has a unique story, but it doesn’t just stop after the racetrack. Many can go on to be loyal riding companions. With a little extra time and love, your former track horse can be your next western superstar!