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More and more western riders are choosing to ride with helmets! Famous celebrities like Amber Marshall and professional riders like Fallon Taylor are encouraging their fans to put safety first. Riders can now select from a wide range of styles and designs. Helmets don’t have to look boring, rather they can have a cowgirl flair to them!

Stylish Western Helmets

Heartland actress Amber Marshall has joined forces with Resistol RideSafe to endorse the exclusive ‘Amber Marshall Safety Helmet’. It has a cool cowboy hat look!

Amber isn’t the only rider in the spotlight to promote helmets in the western world. Fallon Taylor, a professional barrel racer, also has a line of helmets. They can be found on Ranch Dress’n. These helmets have bold designs and beautiful colors!

If you’re looking for something simple and natural looking, then Troxel is a good place to start! Their Sierra helmet has a rugged look.

There are so many good options for western riders!