Western fashion content creator, Western Sage (@western.sage). Photo by Hannah Jenkins Photography.…

There are hundreds of incredible, talented, beautiful (and every other positive adjective in the dictionary) influencers in the wild world of western fashion. From rodeo cowgirls to rough stock raisers to wives and suburban cowgirls, there is an influencer for every facet of the western lifestyle. But there is always room for something fresh, someone like Western Sage.

New to the scene, but dominating daily, is Gabrielle, aka Western Sage (@western.sage). The young Texan gal is bending all the rules for fashion and serving us enviable photos. A proclaimed western fashion content creator, Gabrielle is always thinking out of the box. She uses unconventional techniques for her fashion and lifestyle photos.

Using quirky, and sometimes dangerous, props and locations, Gabrielle brings a artistic and imaginative breath to western fashion. Her passion for creative and unique content brings life to her shoots. And man, she knows how to keep me on the edge on my seat. She used fire for goodness sakes!

Behind the Scenes

Although her photos and artistic vision are impressive, my favorite aspect of Gabrielle is her down right transparency. She shares all of the western fashion content secrets. She is so much more than her perfectly posed photos. Gabrielle consistently shares behind the scenes of those Instagram-worthy shots. From filters and photo editing, to how to create a work of art using newspapers or burned flower, Gabrielle gives everyone the power to create their own desirable content.

In addition to giving behind the scenes looks at shoot elements, Gabrielle also constantly revamps her closet through do-it-yourself resources. She has taught many how to fray jeans, how to style a dress multiple ways, how to revamp clothes with patches, and so much more. She is the queen of adding extra umph to clothes you already own.

We can not wait to see what Gabrielle does next, we know it will be ah-mazing!