Western Skies Handmade cowgirl magazine
Courtesy of Western Skies Handmade……

Western Skies Handmade explains why being patient and waiting on certain projects can pay off in the end. Prime example? This beautiful piece!

“This purse got pushed to the side through two rounds of updates before finally getting finished. It’s not because I disliked it- I knew it was going to be beautiful. Someday. 
Honestly, I don’t like rushing ideas and inspiration. If I’m not feeling a certain design, I tend to set it aside and come back at it later with fresh eyes. Usually it takes a few hours, maybe days. Apparently this one needed months to wrap my head around.

“So worth the wait, though. The carving was pretty, but the final, last minute touch of metallic paint highlighting the scrollwork came in a flash of inspiration and was echoed across several other pieces in this collection. 

“Obviously, I love it. What do y’all think???” -Sarah Garvey, Western Skies Handmade

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