Wedding Western
Photo by: Stella Kelsie Photography……

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Cowgirl Hotlist

Most women dream of their wedding day. They pick out the dress, flowers, venue, and decor in their head. Each one wants their own love story! When your time comes, it’s natural for cowgirls and horse lovers to want to incorporate their passion into their special day. If that’s you, then here’s how to have a western style wedding… It starts with a rodeo proposal! Next, engagement pictures on horseback… Followed by… western themed invite cards! And lots of horse-themed wedding decor, including a special cake topper. Vibrant flowers Stylish cowgirl boots A beautiful dress is a must! And the perfect venue… How’s that for a western style wedding! From the cake topper and colorful flowers to the cowgirl boots and barn venue, the entire event will be a hit. Make sure to check out ‘4 Amazing Horse & Bride Wedding Poses‘. You’ll be getting your picture taken a lot!