Western & well: healthy snacks for the road this summer cowgirl magazine
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If you’re a horse owner, you’re likely to be a traveler too! Traveling can make it tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless when hauling horses, your time and food options are pretty limited. Whether you’re going to another rodeo or horse show, be prepared to feel your best and travel safely with a few of these snack suggestions…

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  1. Jerky sticks

Jerky sticks were made for the road! They’re light, compact, and you won’t need a refrigerator to store them! There’s also enough protein in the snack to get you to your next adventure…

2. No-bake protein balls

This snack is pretty trendy for obvious reasons! They’re delicious and nutritious! Many recipes include oats, seeds, chocolate chips, protein powder, and a sweet syrup to stick all the ingredients together! No-bake protein balls are pretty fun to whip up…

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You can find so many recipes by looking up this tag on Instagram or on Pinterest.

3. Nuts & seeds

It’s easy to take a quick handful of this snack! From walnuts, to almonds, to cashews, peanuts, and pistachios—they’re all nutrient dense and high in fat. This can keep you fuller longer so you won’t have to make one-too-many stops with your horse trailer!

4. Protein bars

Protein bars are hot and heavy on the food market. With so many brands and flavors filling grocery store shelves, there’s no way you won’t find one that you like. Try out a few of the top rated bars in 2021! They’re still good to eat even if they’ve been sitting in the truck for a while…

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5. Edamame beans

With one hand on the wheel, you can get your daily fiber fix with this snack!

6. String cheese

Just like the jerky sticks, string cheeses also come in the perfect to-go packages. Cheeses are also high in fat and protein to help keep you truckin’.

7. Nutritious spreads

From the trendy nut butters to hummus, try pairing a spread with another snack! Nut butters can satisfy any sweet tooth with a piece of fruit. If you’re feeling something savory pair some crackers with hummus!

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8. Hard-boiled eggs

Although boiled eggs should be kept cool, you can get your quick protein fix through this bite-sized snack.

9. Deli-meats

Little prepping is required for this snack! Deli-meats are usually already prepackaged for you.

10 Canned tuna

Incredibly high in protein, canned or packaged tuna is made to last and taken on-the-go.

11. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt comes in snack containers and piled with protein. Offered in a many flavors, some yogurts taste as good as ice-cream!

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These snacks are nutritious and easy to eat—which can keep you from backseat reaching and jostling your horses at the wheel!

Ok cowgirl on the run…are you ready to get on the road again?