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The newest season of Heartland is right around the corner! There has been plenty of fan speculation as to what may happen in Season 16. We’ve gathered a few potential storylines! What do you think will happen?

Amy Finds a New Love

Even though we all miss Ty, we also want to see Amy in a happy relationship again. They will be big shoes to fill, but we have a feeling this storyline is coming soon! It will also be interesting to see how Lyndy reacts to her mom dating again.

Peter Moves Back With Lou

When Lou and Peter officially announced they are back together, it was like a dream come true. It is only natural that Peter would want to be a part of Lou’s life again to make up for all the lost time. He is probably thinking about moving back in with his family shortly, but we shall see!

Amy Running the Horse Therapy Center

Last season, Amy received a considerable sum of money from Ty’s mother Lily. She invested the money into the horse therapy center, and re-branded it as “The Dr. Ty Borden Equestrian Youth Centre”. The center will most likely become a focus in Amy’s life, and it is also a way to keep Ty’s spirit alive.

Georgie Makes a Return

Throughout Season 15, Georgie has been away training in Florida with her boyfriend Quinn. According to Lou, she has been actively competing in show jumping during this time, potentially getting closer to her Olympic dream. While there’s no guarantee she’ll return, if she does it will come with exciting life updates!

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