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At the end of Yellowstone Season 4, Kayce Dutton underwent the Hanbleceya, or “crying for a vision.” The ceremony is part of Lakota culture, and is undertaken by anyone seeking answers. When he got back home, he told Monica that he saw “the end of us” in his vision. Taken literally, it could mean the end of Kayce and Monica. But, it could also mean something else. Kayce saw something that the audience didn’t, and we’re hoping to get that explanation next season!

Luke Grimes, in conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, recently spoke about Kayce’s vision quest, and what his visions could mean. “Kayce’s vision quest at the end of season four could possibly be a sign that things are going to have to change,” he says. “I know he’s central to how the story unfolds, as a lot of characters in the show are. So I really can’t wait to see how instrumental he is in bringing this thing to a close one day.”

Kayce is at a crossroads now; he can help his family and lose Monica and the reservation. Or, he can help Rainwater and the tribe get their land back, losing his family in the process. There’s a theory floating around about the tie-in to the prequel 1883, and we’re anxious to see if any of it is true!