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Markings like a bald face or star set your horse apart from the rest. These unique identifiers appear on registration papers and vet records. They can also be very beautiful and give your horse a special look. A bald face is usually more rare, compared to a star, strip, or snip.

What’s a bald face?

This bold marking consists of white hairs that cover almost the entire face of the horse. From the forehead to the nose, this marking is very dramatic. It can stretch over one or both eyes, and can even spill down to the cheeks.

A bald face is a suppression of pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. Basically, the horse is born without pigment on their face. It’s more common amongst Paint and Pinto horses, though others can have it.

Most of time, these horses have one or two blue eyes. That doesn’t always happen though!

Keep in mind, bald faced horses are at a greater risk for sunburn. They should wear a fly mask or sunscreen to protect their pink skin. Additionally, some foals are born deaf.

Overall, this is a beautiful marking that really makes a horse stand out!