HYPP cowgirl magazine

Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis, also known as HYPP, is a disease of the muscle. It primarily effects Quarter Horses and stock types. It’s an inherited condition that is caused by a genetic mutation. Some of the symptoms include muscle tremors, weakness, and collapse. It’s often a deadly disease!

HYPP in Horses

Roughly 4.4% of the Quarter Horse breed is affected by this condition. Horses with HYPP should not be bred, even those with just one gene copy and minor symptoms. Those with two copies of the mutated gene will likely be severely affected. HYPP can be linked back to the Quarter Horse sire Impressive. The AQHA no longer registers his progeny that have two copies of the gene.

Dr. Gray and SmartPaker Sarah discuss the disease in great detail. Listen up!

If you’re unsure if your horse has this, then consider testing them. The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the University of California Davis offers a mane and tail hair test.