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Inspired by Las Vegas NFR’s most recent post, I have decided to ask some of our favorite Western influencers their favorite part of being a cowgirl. 

Layne Malone (@stay_inyourlayne)

“I think the neatest thing about being a cowgirl is that it’s so much bigger than just me. I’ve been so blessed to watch the most traditional and competent woman blaze the trail growing up. I know that with being a cowgirl comes responsibilities that stop nothing short of hanging with the toughest but going on to cook, clean, and organize to make the job easier for everyone. Putting a feminine and loving touch to a lifestyle that can be so tough at times. It’s not always easy but it’s always blessed.” 

Sarah Brown-Armstrong (@sarahk_brown)

“My favorite thing about being a cowgirl is the simple yet wild life we get to live, and the diverse roles we can play. Cowgirls are the strongest, yet, most nurturing women I can think of. Nobody keeps better balance of patience and grit. The title Cowgirl is always held with honor and with large responsibility. Cowgirls can clean, whip up a meal, love on cowpups and babies, or get their hands dirty to rope wild cattle and start a snorty colt. I myself play the diverse roles of ranch mother and wife, horse trainer, bronc rider, Western fashion influencer, day worker, and television talent. To a cowgirl, it’s never mattered what said can’t be done, or what role society tells you you ‘should’ play.

God gave cowgirls a natural born passion for the Western lifestyle and we count our blessings every day we pull our leggins on, tighten out cinch, and swing a leg over a horse. No matter how hard the day, we can always hit refresh when we ride, and know its always better to have a bad day on a horse, than a good day in an office cubicle. There’s a reason everyone wanted to be a cowboy at some point growing up. The character cowboys possess and the beautiful lifestyle they get to live can’t come from anywhere else.. cowgirls just get the benefit of adding a little turquoise and long pretty braids to the mix.”

Courtney Elizabeth (@courtneye_)

“Being free”

Amy C. Witt (@caliiforniadreamin)

“The communication and connectedness I have with the animals and land. The freedom, perceptions and aspects, confidence, and inspiration I am given just simply being horseback.”

Personally, my favorite is the community involved in the lifestyle! What’s yours, cowgirl?