If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past two years, it’s that you can’t be caught up in something not meant for you. Lauren Davidson‘s new single “Mean To Say” is a perfect example of not holding anything back. A lesson we all could learn from.

For Lauren, the single came during the pandemic when she was writing her last EP Hindsight is 2020. “Mean To Say” bridges that era to her upcoming album Somewhere in Between. We all may feel a little somewhere in between, with finally getting back to normal after the pandemic.

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Lauren says, “You can’t read other people’s minds. If you’re feeling something then you have to say it, otherwise people will never know.” She hopes people take away the power and strength of being okay to walk away from something.

We cannot wait to experience this new era from Lauren! “Mean to Say” sets a wonderful precedence for the rest of the album and we cannot wait to hear what else she releases.