How exciting! Your first Western riding lesson is nearly here. You’ll need a few items before the day arrives. It’s important you’re safe while riding, so make sure to follow this list carefully. These are just the basics to get you started! You may already have some of them at home.

You’ll want an ASTM certified riding helmet! This isn’t something you want to buy used either. Make sure to purchase a correctly fitted helmet to protect your head in the event of a fall.

Barbd Wire 11″ Cowgirl Boots, $299.99, Valley Vet

Proper footwear is also important. Your boots should have a heel. Additionally, they should fit easily within the stirrups. Never wear sandals or flip-flops to the barn!

In western riding, most cowgirls wear jeans. They should allow for a range of movement and be comfortable. Shorts are a big ‘no’ when riding. Your legs will get chaffed in the saddle.

Basic Womens Tee, $24.95, Valley Vet

A simple tee shirt is fine for your first lesson and everyday riding. Some do prefer breathable materials that wick away sweat. When riding on the trails, a long sleeve may be more appropriate. Your shirt should be form fitting and not baggy.

Later on, you may decide to expand your riding wardrobe. Other items include chaps, gloves, and spurs. You just need some basics in the beginning though.