Whataburger is doing all sorts of fun stuff here recently! First they give us some awesome new James Avery charms, and now the Whataburger Boot! (Boots shown below with designer, Shelbi Tidwell.)

“What’s the only thing cooler than custom Whataburger boots? A first-person tour of the Justin Boots factory floor in El Paso, Texas, to see how they’re made.

“Check out this behind-the-scenes video for a look at the craftsmanship, effort and attention to detail that goes into each and every pair.

“Wondering about the workmanship? Just check out the numbers!

  • 5.4 square feet of leather
  • 105 steps in the production process
  • 12,488 stitches in the Whataburger logo
  • 120 days to make

Click here to shop the limited run of Whataburger-branded Justin Boots. Available in both men’s and women’s versions.” -Whataburger