A growing number of horse owners are turning to animal communicators to learn more about how their horse is feeling. These professionals work in a few different ways, but generally they can sense the emotional state of the animal. This valuable information can be passed to the owner, which allows improvements to be made in the animal’s life.

Horse Communicators

Most communicators will start by asking for the horse’s permission. They will present the horse with a series of questions and interpret how they respond. The communicator looks beyond body language. Furthermore, a body scan may also be used to locate pain.

Some of the things they can help with include behavioral issues, poor performance, and identifying painful area.

The cost of an animal communicator can vary from $60 to over $175 with most taking anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.

Check out this communicator from the Pet Psychic. She “talks” to a barrel horse.

Not everyone believes in pet communication. You’ll have to make your own decision whether you think it’s worth a try! Many horse owners had have wonderful results when using one though.