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With the 6666 Ranch being bought by Yellowstone Creators Group last year, many rumors have been swirling around another spin-off. Yellowstone regular Jefferson White has teased what’s coming on the new ranch!

In Season 4, Jefferson’s character Jimmy left his old bunkhouse buddies behind him to pursue a new life with his fiancée Emily in the latest season of Yellowstone. He’s expected to play a key role in the new series and recently opened up about what he’d like to see from the 6666 Ranch.

Jefferson expects to learn even more about the life of modern cattle ranchers in the upcoming Yellowstone spin-off, 6666. Based and filmed around a real-life ranch in Texas, Jefferson’s character Jimmy finds his calling there after suffering a rodeo injury.

“What’s incredible about the Sixes is that it’s a real ranch,” he explained to Entertainment Tonight. “The Sixes is one of the oldest ranches in Texas, one of the oldest ranches in the country. One of the oldest functioning cattle ranches, horse training, breeding facilities in the country. I’m really excited for people to see the real, gritty, not glamorous world of real-life cattle ranching, now in modern times.”

We can’t wait to see what’s to come for Jimmy and the franchise! Have you seen when we can expect the Season 5 premiere for Yellowstone? We are so excited!