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The synopsis for Yellowstone‘s mid-season finale on Sunday has been revealed, and it has everyone speculating what’s going to go down. There have been plenty of surprises this season, and there’s a solid reason to expect big things from Episode 8. That reason? This is the first episode of Season 5 that won’t be made available to screen ahead of release.

Screeners for television episodes are very rarely withheld for any other reason than to prevent spoilers. Whatever the mid-season finale has in store for us, it’s absolutely something Paramount does not want spoiled.

Sunday’s episode will be titled “A Knife And No Coin” and its synopsis reads:

Jamie goes through with his plan. John has an ask for Monica and lends support to an unexpected friend. The Yellowstone cowboys embark on a big change. A flashback reveals a source of Rip’s loyalty.

Thanks to Paramount Network, we now know that Jamie will go ahead with his plan to call for the impeachment of Governor John Dutton. We’ve seen hints of this, but the synopsis confirms it.

We are also very intrigued that John will be turning to his daughter-in-law, Monica, for help. As for that unexpected friend, this seems Broken Rock related at first. The events of Episode 7, though, point to a far more likely candidate: Jimmy Hurdstrom, with the return of the 6666 Ranch to Yellowstone’s plot.

We also know what this “big change” for the Yellowstone cowboys is. As John moves half his herd south, Rip Wheeler is set to take his team off on a grand adventure to guide them. So far, Ryan, Teeter, and Jake are set to accompany Rip on this journey. With this information, we can only assume this is what leads the world of Yellowstone back to Jimmy.

As for Rip’s loyalty-revealing flashback, we’ll just have to wait and see!

We can’t forget about Jamie, who is about to make his biggest mistake yet. Lest he forget, Beth still possesses the ultimate blackmail on her brother. Those photos of him dumping the body of his biological father, Garrett Randall at the train station in Season 4 certainly haven’t disappeared. As soon as he makes a move against John, we can be sure Beth will retaliate.

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