fashion trends tickled pink cowgirl

fashion trends tickled pink cowgirl

Dusty pink is a major fashion trend for 2017, but it’s perfectly classic enough that your investment purchase – stylish saddle, sweet boots, silk scarf, or bubble gum blanket – will still be fresh next year; this is a trend that is impossible to go wrong with.

When you have finished reading this article, comment below and let us know what your favorite pink item is from the following slideshow; you can’t go wrong with any of these beautiful accessories, apparel and horse tack.


Scarf, $310;


Pants, $36;


Rope, $39;


Saddle pad, $178;


Earrings, $37;


Boots, $250;


Hat, $680;


Headstall, $40;


Blouse, $55;


Saddle, $375;


Ring, $3,200;


Spur straps, $25;