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Luke Grimes and his castmates from Yellowstone have learned a lot about how to live like cowboys. Grimes and other members of the cast recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and discussed how much they have learned from Taylor Sheridan and the crew about authenticity.

“As actors, we’re not gonna ever know as much as they know,” he says. “They’ve been very helpful and really patient with us.”

Grimes then mentioned their annual “cowboy camp.” It’s a session where the knowledgeable crew shows the cast the ropes. Grimes was among cast members that began work on Yellowstone without knowing much about the Western way of life.

“It’s been different every year, right?” Grimes says of the annual camp. “I mean, year one was a mule packing trip. And I think they were like, ‘Let’s never do that again.’ Because they almost didn’t get us back. You know, it’s just always different. You never know what to expect. Sort of like this job, you never know what to expect. But it’s always a good time.”

The cast members on hand for the interview had a good laugh over that mule packing trip.

“The point is to A, learn,” he says. “Get better, mess up, figure out what you’re doing. And B, sort of just have that camaraderie and get everybody sort of on the same page. It’s like, to have the experience that I’ve had on this job is priceless. I feel very lucky.”

The Yellowstone cast aren’t the only ones who have to learn a thing or two about the Western lifestyle. The cast of 1883 had to take on the challenge too!