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You have likely heard the term mustang roll if you use a barefoot trimmer. Simply put, the edges of the hoof wall are rounded. It all began with the observations of wild horses out West. A distinct roll of the hoof wall was noticed. Barefoot trimmers decided to replicate this natural pattern in the hooves. After all, mustangs are known for their durable hooves.

The Mustang Roll Explained

A toe that is too long can cause thin soles, thrush, and a contracted hoof. The mustang roll allows trimmers to shorten the breakover at the toe, which puts less force on the laminae of the hoof.

Your barefoot trimmer will achieve the mustang roll by rasping from the white line to the outer edge of the hoof wall. It should be done at a 45 degree angle. They will then round out the sharp edges created by this beveling.

Because the pressure is now reduced on the outer wall, your horse’s hooves should crack and split much less.

Not every farrier or trimmer will be familiar with this method. You’ll need to ask ahead of time if they use it.