Reining freestyle
Photo by: Quarter Horse News (Double Loaded Gun & Shane Brown)……

Drawing large crowds of cheering spectators, reining freestyles are a one-of-a-kind experience. They combine reining movements with popular music for an amazing performance. Those performing incorporate the use of costumes, props and even actors to further enhance their show. It’s one of the most popular events to watch at Congress and other large shows. Here’s your chance to see some of the best performances over the last year or two!

Andrea Fappani and Custom Spook compete in the $50,000 Freestyle Invitational at 2019 The Run For A Million horse show.

Dan James on Don Magnum Multicam compete in the 2019 Quarter Horse Congress Freestyle Reining.

And yet another amazing performance by Dan James at the 2019 Run For the Million Freestyle!

Fred Win on Friday Night Sailing at the 2019 Quarter Horse Congress Freestyle Reining.

Wow, this freestyle at the 2017 Quarter Horse Congress turned into a proposal! Watch as Jacob gets down on one knee for his real life Cinderella, Whitney!

Did you have a favorite performance? They were all so incredible. It’s hard to pick!

Reining is such an amazing discipline. Make sure to check out ‘5 Reining Movements You’ll See At A Show‘.