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Cowgirls and their turquoise, am I right? White buffalo turquoise offers a bit of a change from the classic blue-green stone, and it’s not going anywhere.

Several Western jewelry brands have been featuring the stone, from Heritage Style to Turquoise and Teepees.

Even some smaller brands are getting in on the trend.

Part of the appeal of this color of turquoise is its ease in matching. Traditional turquoise, though gorgeous, doesn’t always work with every outfit. White Buffalo acts as a neutral, making it wearable with a greater variety of looks. Basically, when in doubt, go White Buffalo.

The stone doesn’t just easily match with outfits, though; its color allows it to be paired with other colored stones. Spiny coral, traditional blue-green turquoise, and more can all be worn with White Buffalo and no one would bat an eye.

The stone can be found in anything from squash blossom necklaces to cuffs to rings.

White Buffalo turquoise is another fun, Western piece to add to your cowgirl closet, but if you’re looking for something more traditional, there is plenty of gorgeous turquoise jewelry out there.