Is White The New Orange? We certainly think so!

When it comes to pumpkins, white is the new orange.  The naturally white pumpkins of the Cucubrita, also termed ghost pumpkins, caspers, luminas, or snowballs, are making their way into households around the globe. Take this fall-chic trend to the next level with colors that compliment such as gold, bronze, and silver, and don’t be afraid to add a bit of sparkle to the mix! Use white pumpkins as a conversation-starting centerpiece that is guaranteed to evoke a reaction among guests.

Noritake, Trefolio Gold Dinner Plate;

Noritake, Trefolio Gold Saucer, $16;

Kate Spade, Orleans Square Gold Wine Glass, $35;

Waterford, Classic Napkins, $80;

Gallery of Light, Rustic Wood Light, $25;

Viscacha, Metal Taper Candle holder, Set of 2, $20;

Glitter Pumpkin, 7 Inch Champagne Glitter Pumpkin, $15;

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