It has been asked countless times to farriers, veterinarians, and other experts in the industry. Are white hooves weaker than black ones? This debate rages on… Now’s your chance to find out what the research says.

Many horse owners are under the impression that you should avoid horses with all white hooves or should expect to keep them shod. It may sound silly, but some swear it to be true.

Before you pass on a horse with white hooves…

Experts say there is no difference in quality between a black and white hoof. In fact, there’s no scientific data to support this idea at all. The structure, texture, and quality of the foot is the exact same. Rest assure, the color has little to do with the strength.

Worry about this instead!

A bigger concern is the environment your horse is in and their genetics. Hooves exposed to a lot of moisture can be weaker. Furthermore, certain bloodlines are known for poorer quality hooves. You should be more worried about these factors, then the pigment.

There you have it. This debate is no more than a myth!

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