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The simple exercise of backing up your horse offers many benefits! It encourages your horse to use their hindquarters. Additionally, this maneuver establishes boundaries and respect. You can mix it up by backing up and down hills, over ground poles, and at different tempos.

Backing Up Benefits

  • Improves your horse’s hindquarters and lightens their forehand.
  • Activates their core muscles.
  • Teaches them to collect.
  • Keeps your horse out of your personal space and establishes boundaries.
  • Redirects the attention of a spooky or anxious horse.
  • Establishes leadership and builds trust.
  • Low-impact exercise that’s easy to teach under saddle or on the ground.

Warwick Schiller talks about the back up and how to execute it under saddle. Follow his video for more information.

Each day you can ask for more steps. In the beginning, keep it simple with only a few. After they’re feeling confident, you can progress to 20+ steps, different terrain, down hills, up hills, and at a quicker pace. The options are endless!