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Blue roan horses have been gaining a lot of attention over the years. This color is on fire! The dark base with white hairs on top makes for a unique combination. There are different patterns and shades of this color, which only makes it all the more unique. Everyone wants to get their hands on one, but be prepared these horses are top sellers right now!

Blue Roan Horses

So, what’s the deal? Why are they so popular? For starters, a few different breeds come in the color to include Quarter Horses, Mustangs, Miniature Horses, Welsh Ponies, and some draft types to name a few.

This color can be spotted in the English and western world. It does seem like it’s more popular in western disciplines though.

Even the youngsters have beautiful roaning. In most cases, the foal will become a striking shade by the time they’re a yearling.

Some notable traits include a black or dark head, legs, and mane and tail. Check out how stunning Captain Blue Sparrow is!

Why is this color trending?… It’s beauty! A blue roan will definitely stand out in a crowd.