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Autumn is without a doubt the best season for horseback riding. Some many not agree, but most will. The scenic views, cool air, and wooly horses… the list could go on and on! It’s a welcomed relief for many that are done with bugs and the raging heat. If you need some convincing, then check out these gorgeous pictures!

Horses in Autumn

The colors are spectacular! Yellow, orange, and red paint the trees. It’s the perfect time of year to get in as many trail rides as you can.

Your horse starts to grow their winter coat. They become so wooly and cute! You can even try you hand at equine body art.

Umm… it’s sweater weather! Enough said.

Halloween is in this season. From parades and fun shows to costume contests and decorating the barn, who doesn’t love this holiday!?!

The air is cool and the horses are fresh. Nothing like the wind in your hair! @mountains.meets.horseman is lovin’ it.

Saddle up and make some fall memories!