donkey bray cowgirl magazine

The sound a donkey makes is called a bray. This hee haw sound is unique to each one. Some people may find it comical, as it’s quite unusual to hear. However, it’s their form of communication and serves an important purpose.

Reasons Donkeys Bray

  1. Some call out as a warning of danger or distress. If your donkey continues to bray repeatedly, make sure to investigate. There could be an unusual animal or intruder on the property.
  2. They’re hungry! Similar to a horse, a donkey may become vocal when they want food. If you’re the donkey’s caretaker, they may even call out to you when hungry.
  3. Donkeys hee haw to also talk to other herd members. For example, you take one away and the other calls out for them to not leave. Most don’t like being alone!
  4. They may become vocal when excited. Some love to say hello to their favorite person. It’s their way of asking for attention and scratches.

Believe it or not, donkeys are sensitive animals. They frequently react to their environments. If you learn to listen, your donkey’s bray will tell you exactly what’s going on. Each one will have a unique tone and pitch, as well as frequency.