Riding is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle! When you ride, you become a part of this amazing community. You willingly take on the risks because the rewards are greater! It can be hard to explain to someone why you love horses as much as you do, but don’t worry we get it.

Why do people ride?

  1. Exercise: Horse lovers can all agree that riding is a form of exercise. Maybe you started taking lessons for the fitness aspect.
  2. Community: Some people were looking for friends or a way to socialize more. They may have joined a local horse group or started taking group lessons.
  3. Friends: Did someone get you involved and now you’re hooked? Maybe your neighbor or bestie had horses and invited you out to the barn.
  4. Family: Some riders are born into families of horse folks. They’ve been in the saddle for as long as they can remember.
  5. Stress relief: Horses are widely known as therapeutic. Being at the barn and out in nature has been known to soothe a busy mind.
  6. Nature enthusiast: The fresh air and wind in your hair motivates many people to ride! Horse owners experience all seasons and weather.
  7. Adrenaline rush: There’s nothing like climbing on the back of such a large animal. Some disciplines like barrel racing and pole bending are for those that love speed.
  8. Competition: Some people ride for the competitive aspect. These types usually love to show. They may have gotten involved with their college riding team or local 4H club.
  9. Business: For some professional riders, such as mounted police officers, they ride for a living. It’s how they earn their income.
  10. Unexplainable: And yet for some, they’re not sure why they started riding. They were just drawn to horses from a young age. Horses can be described as magical. They have a way of capturing our attention.

So, the big question… why do you ride?