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Have you ever found yourself wondering about the purpose of fringe? Has fringe always been for making a fashion statement or something more? So many things in the Western world have some sort of fringe! Whether the pieces be made leather or not, fringe can found on jackets, purses, denim, horse tack and more. Fringe is everywhere! But for what reason??

The embellishment has existed for centuries, but here are the quick facts sourced from an article you can find by clicking here!

Mesopotamian fashion…

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Fashion pieces were frilled, died, and layered in as early as 3000 B.C.! Fringe was first introduced in ancient Mesopotamia. During these times, people wore skirts and shawls made of linen or cotton with these embellishments.

Native American culture

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Native Americans were, and still are, users of fringe for fashion and practical uses! When used for fashion, the embellishment serves as symbolism for honoring and representing their heritage. Also, fringe was used for practical reasons such as repelling rainwater!

Frills for Flappers…

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Long fringed trims can be found on garments of the Golden Age! The sole purpose of fringe for flapper women was for style! The way the frills looked went well with the energetic freedom of the flapper women.

Fringe today…

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Fringe in fashion has been inspired by many walks of life! From Elvis Presley’s motorbike jackets to being seen on Hugo Boss’s fashion runway—fringe has been a trend that will never seem to go out of style.

You might want to hang on to those leather fringe pieces you’ve got and don’t hesitate to add to your collection!