A flair for wild and outrageous fashion is what we have. A few basic pieces to pair them with is what we NEED. Sure, that neon, printed top is fabulous and mixing prints is acceptable, but nothing beats pairing  spunky pieces with sleek and simple basics to pull your look together. Have you ever battled with yourself in your closet because you want to wear one particularly funky top, but all your other clothes are also statement pieces and nothing goes together? We rest our case. Basics are necessary! We don’t discourage you from buying outlandish and wild pieces for your closet, but having a few of these basics around will pay off. You can thank us later! 😉 

What it all boils down to is having at least one of each: flowy tee, fitted long sleeve tee, short sleeve tee, tank top, denim jacket, blazer and a pair of jeans that fit just right (check out our, “Right Fittin’ Jeans,” article). Choosing colors that are neutral or black makes it easier to get crazy and mix in with your other pieces.

Piko Long Sleeve Top, $20.00


Painter Boatneck Tee, $35.00

Favorite Tank, $18.


Boyfriend Denim Jacket, $99.

Women’s Classic Blazer, $35.00