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Hippology is the study of the horse. Traditionally, the name is used to describe an event in 4-H, where kids are tested on their horse knowledge. This includes anything from nutrition to parts of the horse to parts of the equipment. It goes over all things horses! 

Why Do You Need to Study It?

If you are a horse owner or interested in owning a horse, it is important to know how to properly care for a horse. This includes knowing the different types of feed, what is in each type of feed, the proper equipment that is needed, how to fit the said equipment, and more. Hippology goes over the foundation of owning a horse. 

Numerous horse owners ignore the need of knowing the body parts of their horse. However, it is necessary for when your horse injures themselves. You can then accurately describe the placement of the wound to the veterinarian. This will prepare the vet for what they are facing and allow for them to show up more prepared to better treat your pal! 

If you are feeding your horse certain feed, you need to know why you are feeding said feed and how it affects their behavior. Just like any athlete, diet is an important part to their training. Some horses will need supplements to their feed and it is up to the owner to understand and provide them. 

When working with horses, proper equipment and knowledge of the equipment keeps all involved much safer and in better shape. Without proper knowledge, working your horse can quickly turn into a dangerous situation. 

Overall, it is basically studying and understanding your owner’s manual of your car, except for horses! 

How Do You Study It?

There are numerous ways to study Hippology. 

  1. The easiest is a quick google search of “Hippology.” It will bring up numerous resources to further your knowledge! 
  2. Take some local classes at your nearby college. Agricultural colleges offer numerous classes involving lessons on horse care! 
  3. Volunteer for the 4H or FFA Hippology competitions. Volunteers are always welcome in these groups, where you can help kids to study while also studying yourself! 
  4. Read. You can go to your local feed store or library to pick up a book on horse anatomy or horse care and just start reading! 

You can start right now by looking over parts of the horse here