Wide Western Belts by Double J Saddlery

I have a personal shopping rule that I always try to stick with: invest in your accessories. A shirt or pair of jeans may not hold up for years and years but quality accessories like belts, boots, bags and jewelry always fit and can hold up over time.

Right now I am crushing on these wide belts by Double J Saddlery. They are perfect over dresses or shirts and can help flatter your figure in all the right places.

Above, the Turquoise Rose Wide V Belt, buy here > 

This Wide V Vintage Metallic Chocolate Belt is dreamy! Buy here > 

The Double 8 Tan Wide V Belt can go with black or brown! Buy here > 

I love a good tooled belt, this Natural Rose Tooled Wide V Belt is stunning! It’s a stylish accessory and a work of art. Buy here >