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The 38th Boston Film Festival has announced the awards for the live event program held last week. An array of topics highlighted this years program including comedy, suspense, drama, historical, environmental, nature, and connection.

Taking Best Documentary award is Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West from Director-Producer-Editor Ashley Avis (Black Beauty). The film displays breathtaking cinematography of wild horses living free across vast stretches of public lands, immersing audiences into the intimate world of their closely-bonded equine families.

“After four years of creating this film, I am incredibly proud to have our East Coast debut at Boston Film Festival,” said Ashley Avis, founder of the Wild Beauty Foundation who directed, produced, and edited both Wild Beauty and Disney’s 2020 Black Beauty. “It is beyond time for the public to know about the astounding beauty we have in the backyard of our own country; and that wild horses and other native wildlife are being eradicated in favor of special interests. My sincere hope is that we can use our voice as storytellers to raise awareness, and correct this injustice before wild horses disappear completely. It would be a travesty for the next generation to never get to see them, the true icons of our American West.”

More information about festival screenings of Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West along with The Wild Beauty Foundation can be found at: www.wildbeautyfoundation.org.