We’re swooning over the newly released fall photo shoot titled When Hearts Like Ours Meet from Wild Bleu Boutique, shot at the beautiful Perkins Ranch of Clarksville, Tex. by Kodee Roraback. The Clarksville-based shop, owned by friends Tierney Perkins and Leslie Welles-Hale, focuses on showcasing simply unique and vintage-inspired Western pieces. They’re the self-proclaimed Southern Vogue and Texan femme all mixed into one fabulously chic boutique.

With a warm palette of quirky graphic tanks, to bold-patterned dresses and harem pants, the photo shoot really brings us into the fall season. Wild Bleu Boutique also features customized, one-of-a-kind leather pieces made by Tierney’s very own mother, Triesta. Each item is specially designed, genuine and handmade with intricate details and imprinted patterns.

Check out the rest of When Heart Like Ours Meet at Wild Bleu Boutique’s website.