Rodeos are usually exciting enough, but the stakes at even higher in the sport called exchange racing. It’s fast, physically demanding, and requires two cowboys and a horse. These teams sure do put on a good show!

Popular at Canadian rodeos, exchange races or rescue races consists of a galloping horse and two riders. The first cowboy comes flying toward the second and jumps off. At the same time, the other cowboy grabs the horn and jumps on. The entire event takes place in a little over eight seconds.

This gymkhana sport requires that competitors have strong hands, arms, and shoulders. They usually train on a suspension bar and jog. On the other hand, the horses must be built for speed and agility. The cowboy jumps on their back while they run through a curve, which requires excellent balance. Overall, a good team is a must!

Rodeo cowboy Marc-Olivier Boudreau explains the sport, “It’s dangerous. We never know what’s going to happen, and it’s teamwork. I can do good sometimes, and he can do bad sometimes and vice versa.”

Check out the sport in action in this video from the 2019 Festival Western de St-Tite.

Wow! This rodeo sport sure is wild. Do you agree?